Sweetie is about a stand-offish girl named Maggie who grows up loving cartoons, comic books, and action movies. As many of us do, she begins to mimic the moves and fighting styles of her favorite heroes and heroines at a young age.  But Maggie has something very special about her: an indomitable spirit that never gives up and a keen eye for movement and detail.  By the time she reaches the 9th grade, she is a master martial artist and stunt-girl capable of amazing feats! Unfortunately, most of Maggie’s peers have moved past their childhood heroes, writing them off as “kid stuff”. After all, bad guys and villains only exist in comic books right? WRONG!A criminal mastermind and his army of evil minions have their eyes set on the city, and with no super heroes to be found, it’s up to Maggie to take them on! With the encroaching forces of evil on one side, and the treacherous jungle of high school on the other, Maggie will need more than fancy back flips and determination. And while she may not feel like she’s ready to be a champion of justice… She won’t be fighting alone.Maggie and her friends’ adventure is one of courage and heroism, but also of heart. They will need each other to confront the day-to-day challenges of being a friend, a part of a family, and an individual.